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How does WPS Wireless internet service work?
WPS Wireless provides an internet connection via a wireless antenna system.  An antenna is installed at your home with an attached radio receiver/transmitter.  This antenna is pointed at a nearby Access Point tower, and must have a clear line-of-site (no trees, buildings, or hills blocking the path).  When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless link from your radio/antenna to our Access Point.  From there that information travels over our “backhaul”, which is a point to point wireless link to a fiber optic connection hooked directly to the Internet.  WPS Wireless service has very low “latency”(or delay) compared to satellite Internet, where signals must travel thousands of miles into space.

How is it wired to my home?
WPS Wireless professionally mounts an antenna on your roof, then runs a CAT 5 wire (network wire with 4 pairs of wires) down the outside wall of your home (we try to follow a rain gutter to hide the cable).  We then bring the wire into your home by drilling a small hole or following an existing entry into the home such as a duct or prior cable, phone or satellite TV installation entry.  An Ethernet jack is then installed on the inside of an exterior wall (your computer should have an Ethernet port, all new computers do.  An older computer may need an adapter). 
 Does it cost anything to have the evaluation done?
 There is no cost to get the evaluation done as long as you get the service installed.  If you sign up, then decide not to get the service after the evaluation is done, then you will be billed $95.  

How do I connect multiple computers to the connection?
WPS Wireless will install a single Ethernet jack inside your home.  If you have more than one computer, you will need to purchase your own wireless router.  A router acts as a splitter, allowing up to four computers to be plugged in directly, and it also wirelessly sends your Internet signal throughout your home to any computer or laptop with a wireless card.  

Does weather affect the service?
 Weather will not cause a degradation of service even in many server storms.  During winter months, heavy ice build-up on your antenna may affect service. Wireless Internet service requires “line-of-site” connection from your house to one of our towers.  This means that any large trees, buildings or other obstructions may cause a degraded level of service.  Our installers do a site evaluation prior to the installation to make sure that there is a good signal.  

How does WPS Wireless Internet access differ from standard dial-up?
Unlike dial-up, our service is always on.  This means that there is no dialing, no waiting, and no need for a second phone line.  In fact, our service doesn’t need a phone line at all.  There is also a dramatic difference in speed; WPS Wireless Internet is over 100 times faster that dial-up service.

How long will it take to set up service?
We can typically have service installed within 1-2 weeks of placing an order.  WPS Wireless will perform an evaluation prior to the installation to make sure that there is a strong signal.  Once we have determined that the service will work at your location, the installation date is scheduled.  It takes about 2-3 hours to complete the installation.  

What about e-mail accounts?
If you already have free e-mail accounts (i.e. Yahoo!, MSN, Hotmail, G-mail, etc.) you can access these accounts over the WPS Wireless Internet connection.  WPS Wireless also provides e-mail accounts that are included with the internet service, and they can be accessed via the web or from a PC based e-mail program such as Outlook Express.  

Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes, WPS Wireless Internet requires a minimum 18 month contract.  Discontinuing service prior to the 18 months would require either $300 or the number of months remaining multiplied by the monthly fee, whichever is greater.   

Do I have the purchase equipment?
WPS Wireless offers two options with regard to the equipment.  The cost of equipment is $545.00 plus tax which can either be purchased at the time of installation or that cost is waived if the 18 month term is extended to 36 months.  Either way, once the equipment is installed, you own and are responsible for the equipment.  

Do you offer support?
 Technical support issues can be called in 24/7 by calling 580-332-6601.  At this time we offer live support during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked Questions
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